Construction: Our current plan (subject to change) contains two phases. The scope of Phase 1 is to construct a new Senior Living building on property we own on Dodge Street. This will allow us to demolish the existing Seniors Buildings, and build new ADA Compliant apartments in their place. Included in Phase 1 is the complete rehab of the apartments in Arthur Albright Court (Hinds Street). Phase 2 will be the rehab of the apartments known as Colin Kelly (Gibson Street).

Time frame: We hope to begin new construction in about 24 months (subject to change). It is dependent on approvals from NYS and achieving our goals of gaining financial support for this project. This entire project could take 5-7 years to complete.

Should I start packing?: No. There is a huge amount of work to be done before we begin to dig dirt. Included in this “pre-work” will be holding Tenant Meetings to discuss the project and allow questions to be asked of our Development Partner, 3D Development.

What is being done to the apartments?: We are planning to replace everything in the apartment, walls, floors, ceilings, electric service, plumbing, bathrooms, kitchens and appliances, windows / doors / roofs. THA will continue to do regular repairs and maintenance on the property during this time.

Do I have to move out of my apartment during construction? : Yes. Our Development Partner has done this type of Public Housing project in NYS on many occasions. Our Team includes a relocation specialist to assist in moving the tenant out, and then back in after rehab is complete. Whenever possible, the Tenant will move back into the same unit you are living in today.

J.J. Guzetta Redevelopment FAQ

Arthur Albright Apartments Redevelopment FAQ