THA is introducing rental vouchers to units in all areas. Vouchers represent rental assistance and protect tenants from rent increase. All tenants pay 30% of their income toward rent and voucher pays the difference. Units are being selected for PBV based on the income for those units. PBV does have income limits in order to qualify for a Voucher. Belmont Housing is the THA business partner and will assist us in managing PBV units and applicant flow.

Units (about 50 units so far of 150) will be provided to Belmont for inspection and the unit must pass inspection in order to qualify for a PBV. THA is reviewing Gibson Street units as of 03/20/2023. We will be adding Hinds Street units in the near future, and Hinds Street Tenants will be notified when those inspections will be performed. We also are currently using an outside contractor to correct any deficiency found during the Belmont Inspection. Our primary goal is to insure any Health and Safety issue is resolved, and, to get the apartment to pass inspection to secure rental assistance for the Tenant. For those units already inspected THA is trying to get re-inspections scheduled in the near future. If your unit has not yet been inspected by Belmont, please understand we are working between both Gibson and Hinds apartments in order to find qualifying apartments up to the 125 PBV’s we currently have. It is our expectation to have all needed inspections completed, defects corrected and PBV’s in place by August 2023.

If you have questions on this process, it is highly recomended you call our office and speak to the Manager Dale Kokanovich as he is the one creating the schedule for all of these activities and is the most knowledgable on this process.

We do appreciate your patience with this (new to us) process and our need to come into your apartments to inspect and correct defects.

2023 Fair Market Rent/ HUD Section 8 Income Limit (Erie and Niagara Counties)